Best Aerial Yoga Hammocks

So, you’re here to find the best aerial yoga hammock. This is an important decision, especially when you take into account that the aerial yoga gear will be supporting your weight as you hang upside down! This is definitely not the time to use sub-par companies. This article will be highlighting a few of the best companies that have aerial yoga equipment for sale.

Yoga hammocks are great for a number of different aerial activities, whether that’s in your house or in your back garden. They can be hung from exposed beams, via a door frame bar, or with a yoga stand. Alongside learning about which hammock swing to buy, we will give a run-down off the other aerial yoga equipment needed to get started. Without further ado, let’s swing into things!

1. X-Pole Aerial Hammock

We have a winner! The X-Pole Hammock is a high-quality piece of kit that can be bought in either purple or hot pink.

Like with most aerial products, X-Pole comes out on top with the best yoga swing. Their hammocks are available in 3m/9.8ft wide and 5m/16.5ft in length. We LOVE the colors of the X-Pole hammock range – you have the choice between hot pink and purple. Both colors are machine washable.

You can buy just the hammock as a single product or buy an aerial yoga hammock kit that comes with daisy chains and carabineers. It’s best to get the complete package, as this will give you more options as to where you can perform your aerial swings.

2. The Ultimate Yoga Swing

Crafted from durable nylon and with super-comfortable handles, this is a yoga swing that will last for years.

Made and found at Aerial Yoga Gear, the aerial yoga hammock for home offers everything needed to start aerial yoga (besides the stand). The hammock has comfortable handles at varying heights up the material, which means you aren’t forced to grip onto bare nylon as you practise your tricks.

As we briefly mentioned, the Ultimate Yoga Swing is crafted from a durable nylon material that will provide years of frequent use. This material has a weight capacity of 300lb, while being 2.5m long and 1.5 wide. Customers can choose between purple, green, red, yellow, deep blue, sky blue, and orange.

3. UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing

If you need an affordable aerial yoga swing, we recommend the UpCircleSeven.

Are you on a tight budget? Then the UpCircleSeven Yoga Swing is a good option. The affordable hammock swing can be found in a wide range of colors, but our favorite has to be the pink (obviously).

Despite its friendly price, this yoga swing has a professional design that can be used both at home and at the studio. The hammock has a set of three foam handles that are larger than others on the market.

With a triple-stitched seat, this hammock has a 200 weight capacity. There are stronger hammocks on the market, so look elsewhere if you need real strength. It comes with two daisy chain connectors that allow you to easily attach the hammock to ceiling hooks, door frame, or freestanding rig.

4. YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze ® Swing

This hammock has a 600lb weight capacity and 10 year warranty!

YOGABODY is a professional company that product a range of products just for aerial yoga. As their speciality, you can be confident in all yoga products they produce. Their flagship product is the YOGABODY Stand.

Just like the other hammocks in this review, you’ll love the 3 sets of large handles. With that said, the biggest benefit of this hammock is the massive 600lb weight capacity! Furthermore, YOGABODY give a 10-year guarantee on this product for ultimate peace of mind. Attach it to ceiling hooks, door frame bar, exposed beam, or an aerial rig.

5. EverKing Aerial Yoga Straps Trapeze

The EverKing Hammock has a 441lb weight capacity and 12-month warranty.

UltraStrong by name, but is hammock ultra strong by nature? If you want a high-quality hammock that is built to last, the EverKing Hammock won’t let you down. Unlike the other products in this review, EverKing is a large company that produces a range of products in different niches, not like aerial yoga.

It has a 441lb weight capacity, which is more than enough for aerial yoga. In fact, your other equipment would likely give-way before this hammock would. The parachute fabric comes with 3 sets of foam handles for comfortable and efficient yoga.

Although it can be attached to ceiling hooks, door frame bars, exposed beams, or aerial rigs, the aerial yoga home kit does not come with mounting accessories, so you would have to purchase them separately. You get a 12-month warranty with every purchase.

What is an aerial yoga hammock?

Aerial yoga hammocks are pieces of material that enable individuals to perform poses in the air. They are usually made of taffeta or silk, which are soft but strong. An aerial yoga hammock is attached to sturdy pieces of aerial equipment, although they can be attached to trees or other solid objects. Although you can get away with using other materials instead, yoga hammocks are able to handle a lot of strength and are the best choice.

With so many people now taking part in aerial yoga today, the market for at-home aerial yoga is bigger than ever. Aerial yoga hammocks can be found in a huge variety of colors, sizes, weight capacities, materials, and more.

The different ways to hang your aerial yoga swing

Once you find your perfect hammock, you need to decide how you are going to hang it. Here are the most common ways to hang an aerial yoga swing:

Yoga trapeze stand

You may want to use a yoga trapeze stand to hold your hammock. Basically, this is a freestanding frame that allows for a number f aerial activities. The strong frame allows you to attach your hammock and swing to your heart’s content. Personally, this is our favorite option. You can learn more about which stands we recommend by reading this guide.

Door frame bar

If you don’t have the budget or space for a stand, you can use a door frame bar to do some basic aerial yoga. Using a door frame bar is the quickest and cheapest way to hang a yoga swing. The product we recommend for this is the YOGABODY Door Frame Bar, which can be installed in 5-15 minutes. This is definitely the cheapest way to hang an aerial yoga hammock. All you need is a 4.5+ inch deep door frame.

Suspension ceiling hooks

You can use suspension ceiling hooks to hang your hammock. This is a stronger way to hang your hammock, but is still an affordable option. With most products you get a set of ceiling hooks, brackets, and some carabineers which attach to your hammock.

However, this method does require you to screw into your ceiling beam. We recommend only using this method if you will be using the hammock swing for years to come and you don’t mind some minor damage to your décor.

Exposed support

Anything can be used to hold your hammock if you are creative enough. Whether you use a tree, exposed beam, or park swing, there are free options to hang your hammock. But remember, you should always put your safety first!

The most common option is an exposed beam in your house. All you need are some carabineers and some daisy chains. The X-Pole Hammock is the best choice for this option, as it comes with everything you need.

How to find the best aerial yoga hammock?

With so many hammocks on the market today, how to you find the best yoga swing for sale? Please take the following factors into account before purchasing one of the aerial yoga hammocks for sale:

Space – A hanging yoga swing can be used indoors, but you need to have a lot of space. The great thing about aerial yoga hammocks is that they can be hung anywhere. If you do want to swing indoors, then you need to measure the horizontal and vertical space. Safety is the number one priority.

Weight capacity – The capacity of an anti gravity yoga hammock depends on what you will be using it for. You will need a high-capacity swing if you are going to be doing more advanced swings. All hammocks in this guide are more than strong enough to support your weight. Just be careful about using unbranded and cheap hammock swings.

Trustworthy company – Always buy aerial yoga equipment for home from a company that you can trust. This includes making sure that the hammock comes with a warranty to protect the product from faults. This is very important, as the hammock has to support your bodyweight as you swing in the air. This isn’t the time to risk buying from third-party vendors.

Price – When looking for the best yoga hammock, you need to take your personal budget into account. Typically, paying more will get you a higher-quality hammock. With that said, don’t pay more than you should.

Material – Hammocks can be made from a number of different materials. As such, you need to choose which one you want. Nylon is the strongest and most durable material, but it doesn’t stretch. Silk is more stretchy, but isn’t quite as durable as nylon. Personally, I prefer a yoga silk hammock as they are more comfortable.

The benefits of using an aerial yoga hammock

Aerial yoga gives all the same benefits of normal yoga, but it can be argued that aerial yoga requires even more core strength. As such, aerial yoga is one of the best ways to stay healthy inside and out. You will also get some mindset benefits too. Focusing on staying in the correct positions will allow you to stay present in the moment, instead of any daily stresses. To get the full mindset benefits of aerial yoga, you may want to use the hammock outside in the natural environment.


So, those are our best yoga hammock swings. With so many different types of hammock on the market, it can be hard to pick just one. We hope that our guide has helped you to find the best one for your specific needs. The X-Pole aerial yoga silk hammock is our favorite hammock. It comes in either purple or hot pink, which means they look as good as they perform. They also come with carabineers and daisy chains, so you have everything needed to get started.

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